Technically I’ve got a buttload of workshit to do right now, but I was like come on one little hannibally thingy and so here’s Will in boxers for no reason at all… =_=
Dancy has such an amazing profile :3

As it should be.  He needs to lose that t-shirt and be free of all restraints of society.

Free Willy! 

Your Bra May Be Killing You – Scientists Call For Boycott Of Komen >>



My mother died of breast cancer in 2004, yet I have never even heard this or thought about there being a connection between bras and cancer. Fuck. Thank you for reblogging this. 

When I was around 10 or so, a friend of mine (at the time) told me that sleeping in your bra gave you breast cancer. I didn’t believe her at the time (not that I wore mine 24/7 anyway) but I guess whoever she heard that from actually made sense out of it.

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Hey guys, so my eating disorder is really out of control again, and I need treatment, badly. I got accepted at Timberline Knolls, but they need $2,000 for my copay, plus I need a ticket to a from (I live in California). I spent 5…


when a fic says nc-17 but they aint even take their clothes off


  • me: I'm pretty sure I would marry every single Avenger.
  • obnoxious friend: Black Widow is an Avenger.
  • me: Did I fucking stutter?

Why do old people get to call and report noise disturbances past 10pm but we’re not allowed to call the cops on anyone mowing their lawn or using power tools in their garage before 10am


ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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